Saturday, August 16, 2008

Photo Shoot

Hey everyone! So...we were long overdue to take some new photos, so we rounded up our go-to photographer - the amazing Inda Reid, and Samantha Brooke - make-up artist extrordinaire...and headed out to the desert - to El Mirage dry lake bed to be exact. It was about a two hour drive from L.A., so Randy stocked us up with some food and drinks and we headed out. I took my camera with me with every intention of documenting the photo shoot, however, it was about 110 degrees, the wind was insane, and it was all we could do to keep our eyes open for the photos - the lake bed is almost white, so the reflection is intense. I did get some footage that I find pretty funny though, so I put together a little video that you'll find below. Despite the crazyness, the photos came out amazing! I must say, Inda is a mad genius! If you ever need photos, head to, she can do pretty much anything, no joke. She is also just a really cool person - I can vouch for that cause, well, I live with her. She's my roommate. How lucky am I? We had a lot of fun, it felt almost like we were off camping, well actually I've never looked that good while camping, but anywho- we headed home tired, sunburned, and stuffed full of goldfish and string cheese.....and of course went straight to Senior Fred's for margaritas. It was a good day.

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