Thursday, November 18, 2010

Brokedown visits the set of Hellcats!





Modern country group BROKEDOWN CADILLAC--known for their upbeat country rock blend that’s highlighted by CORRI ENGLISH’s forthright lead vocals and shimmering harmonies--will be prominently spotlighted in an upcoming episode of CW’s popular teen cheerleading drama “Hellcats,” airing Wednesday, December 1 at 9/8c. The Nashville-based group shot their performance scene in Vancouver, and four of their original songs are featured in the episode--“Bring It On,” “Good Day For A Long Night,” “Baby’s Gonna Start A Fire” and “Chasing The Moon”--that includes a dance-off scene with the show’s stars Ashley Tisdale and Aly Michalka. Earlier this season, the group that Country Weekly described as “energetic, instantly likable” (6/22/09) had their songs “Can You Hear Me” and “Let It Ride” used in two separate “Hellcats” episodes.

BROKEDOWN CADILLAC will also be included in an upcoming “Hellcats” 80s-themed five-song compilation disc with their cover of Sweet’s “The Ballroom Blitz.” Available digitally December 1 via Warner Brothers Records, the CD will also feature music from “Hellcats” actresses Michalka, Tisdale, Sharon Leal, Heather Hemmens and Michalka’s group 78 Violet.

“Hellcats” isn’t the first national primetime show to air original BROKEDOWN CADILLAC material. On October 3, 2010 the ABC hit show “Desperate Housewives” incorporated “Love On The Run,” another track off the band’s 2009 debut LP Somewhere In America. Even before releasing an album, the five-piece attracted early attention with an on-screen performance in the Walt Disney Pictures film Race To Witch Mountain starring Dwayne Johnson and Carla Gugino. Two of the five songs included in the movie--“Southern Nights” and “Boogie Woogie Saturday Night”--appeared on the digital soundtrack from Walt Disney Records. All music--with the exception of “Good Day For A Long Night” and “The Ballroom Blitz” available December 1--is digitally available now via iTunes:

Beyond that, BROKEDOWN CADILLAC--lead singer CORRI ENGLISH, guitarist and main songwriter RANDY DUNHAM, drummer DANNY REULAND, lead guitarist DON IAN and bassist JEFF LEGORE--will once again travel overseas December 5-14 to Iraq and Kuwait for a holiday tour to entertain the troops, their third trip in one year. This is something the band feels passionately about as they have also performed here in the U.S. at various bases for those serving at home.

“All of us in the band have close ties to the military and we are so honored that they have asked us to come back,” says ENGLISH. “We love going over there and bringing those brave men and women a little piece of home. The response has been so positive and we appreciate all the emails, letters and comments!”

To view a video from Camp Liberty in Baghdad of the band singing Lee Greenwood's “God Bless the USA,” go here:

Additional video diaries from their previous trips can be seen here:

In other BROKEDOWN CADILLAC news, the group has partnered with Nashville producer/songwriter Danny Myrick who has co-penned several hit singles including “International Harvester” for Craig Morgan, "How Far Do You Wanna Go" for Gloriana and his most recent #1 “She’s Country” by Jason Aldean. ENGLISH and DUNHAM are writing, recording and gigging in Nashville with plans to release a new BROKEDOWN CADILLAC album early 2011.

For more information regarding Brokedown Cadillac contact:
MSO 818-380-0400
Todd Brodginski x239
Angela Villanueva x232

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Let it Ride....!

Here's a little piece of our song featured on episode 3 of Hellcats!
The song is Let it Ride and you can get it on itunes!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Heather, Hellcats, & Desperate Housewives!

Hey peeps! So..... as I mentioned in the last post, we had featured tunes on back-to-back episodes of Hellcats!! The songs are "Can You Hear Me" and "Let it Ride," and they are both available on iTunes so go get em!  You can also listen to full versions of the songs on our youtube channel

We also just got word that we will have a song on next week's Desperate Housewives! We're big fans of the show so we're very excited - it'll be "Love on the Run" from our first album so keep an ear out!  

I also had the opportunity to head out to NYC recently and be a part of the Heathers: The Musical Concert series at Joe's Pub!  Would I miss the chance to rock blue eyeshadow and ginormous hair? Um.....not a chance!! The pic above is a "self-portrait" in the dressing room before the show- I'm with Christine Lakin, Alex Ellis, and Annaleigh Ashford - awesome ladies from the cast! And yes, that is all my real hair.  Hello teasing brush! I know, it's scary.  

The show is fantastic - it's from Laurence O'Keefe (Legally Blonde) & Kevin Murphy (Reefer Madness) and directed by Andy Fickman - and the show is a total riot.  I'd tell you some of the lines I got to say but my mom would probably wash my mouth out with soap, so you'll just have to see it for yourself! But it stays very true to the original film so you get the idea.....! 

Here's are a couple of articles with more info if you're interested!  Check out the awesome cast, see rehearsal pics, and read reviews of the was such a blast! 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Brokedown Cadillac Releasing 2 new singles!

Hey guys! Hope everyone had a fantastic summer, we have been busy writing and recording and we're so excited to finally share some of our new tunes! 

So, here's the dealio......

The CW has a brand new show called "Hellcats" - it's a super fun show and stars Ashley Tisdale and Aly Michalka. It premiered last week.... check out the official show page: If you missed the pilot episode and want to get all caught up you can download the pilot on iTunes!

Now for the really fun part (or at least we think so!) - 2 brand new Brokedown Cadillac songs will premiere on back-to-back weeks of Hellcats! This coming Wednesday, September 15th - "Can You Hear Me" will be featured, and the following week, September 22nd you can hear "Let it Ride" featured on the show! The songs will be released on iTunes the day before each episode airs! 

We're very excited about our new tunes and even more excited to share them with ya'll- check out the show, head to iTunes and download the songs, and then tell all your family and friends and tweet and facebook and all that stuff to help us spread the word! You can find music from all the artists featured on the show each week here:

So to recap: head to iTunes and get Can You Hear Me RIGHT NOW! And pick up Let it Ride next Tuesday! 

Can't wait to hear what you think about the brand spankin new tunes!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day - Take One Minute to Remember

hol·i·day: a day marked by a general suspension of work in commemoration of an event  

It's Memorial Day.  It's a day that is mostly associated with a three-day weekend, a day off from school, bbqs, jet skis, a big sale at Macy's, and lots and lots of beer..... And that's all great stuff - we have done plenty of that, and we'll do it again today. But it's not why the holiday was established, so just make sure that amidst all the drinking and relaxation, you take a moment to remember the meaning of the day.  It's to commemorate our fallen soliders.  Perhaps, having just been to Iraq, it feels more poignant - and that's why we wanted to send this reminder.

For just one minute - at 3pm, participate in the National Moment of Remembrance.  It doesn't matter what you're doing - just stop..... And if you are a parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent - tell your kiddos what that moment of silence is about, so that we can spread the message of remembrance to a younger generation.  Also keep in your thoughts the men and women who are far from home, in hostile territory, who do not get the day off, because doing so would mean jeopardizing our freedom.

Have a great day enjoying the suspension from work.....while also remembering why we're commemorating today.

And if you see a man or woman in uniform - today and everyday - take the time to say thank you.

Happy Memorial Day.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nashville Flood

Hey guys.  I just wanted to do a post about this because the amount of media coverage the flood and subsequent damage in Nashville has been getting doesn't reflect how bad it is.....  I am in LA right now and had only heard that it was "raining a lot."  Until I searched for myself and saw the videos/'s so sad.  I swear, I cannot remember a period of time when there have been so many natural disasters.  Maybe Mama Earth is mad at us and this is her way of telling us to take better care of her.  I don't know- but I do realize that you all probably feel tapped out by donating to other disasters, and that's coupled with the crappy economy, of course....  But I just wanted to help raise awareness, and I'm also including a link to a great article that includes ways to help.  One of the easiest things you can do is text REDROSS to 90999 to donate $10.  It also includes lots of ways to help that are not monetary.  Here's the link:  Thanks ya'll.

Friday, April 16, 2010

A song for Sister!

So, as many of you know my little, er "younger" (she never liked being called little, and, okay, she is taller than me....) sister got married this past February to an awesome guy, and they had a truly kickass wedding!  I was the maid of honor, and I express myself best through song, so I wrote a little diddy for my toast.... A bunch of folks who were there requested that we post it on Youtube, and my dad just sent over the footage, so here it is!  I've included a pic of the happy couple. I know, I looks like a photo from the cover of a wedding magazine - that is the work of my amazingly talented friend Inda Reid, who did all the pics.  Plus the bride and groom ain't bad to look at!  So, I am dedicating this blog entry to Sister and Brother..... I love you both to pieces and then some.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Time to start packing, Brokedown's heading back to Iraq!

Hey guys!  So, as many of you know, we spent last Thanksgiving over in Kuwait Iraq performing for the troops, and we are BEYOND thrilled and honored to have been invited back this April!  We felt like the last trip flew by so quickly, so we jumped at the invitation to go again.  We'll be heading over for a 10-day tour, and have been busy writing some new stuff and working hard to get a great show together for all the guys and gals over there.  
We'll be reuniting with the Hooters girls again, so I'm sure all the boys will be psyched about that! I've been practicing the pose (see above photo).....actually, even Randy's been working on it - I think he's ready, what do you think?

And Danny has been practicing looking like he has a tiny head. It's an important skill.  
The only thing I'm dreading is packing.... I'm a horrible packer! I am so meticulous about rolling things up into teeny tiny space saving bundles....sounds great in theory, but once you take things out the first time, they just never go back in.  Every time I swear I will not overpack, but you should see the stack of stuff that I am expecting to go into one's like the clown car, but, ya know, the duffel bag version..... Ugh.  Can someone just come over and pack for me? Any takers? 
Anywho, we are SO excited to see the badassness of our troops in action again!  
And for all you guys and gals over there working your booties off in the desert - get ready to shake your stuff, we're gonna have some fun!  Can't wait to see you!  xoxoxo