Friday, December 25, 2009

A video & free song download! Happy holidays!!

As a little Christmas/Hanukkah/New Years gift, we're giving you a free song! Between now and New Year's Day, just send an email to with FREE SONG in the subject line, and we'll send you back a Brokedown tune! (If you have the album, don't worry, it's a song that's not on there....) This offer is open to everyone, so go ahead and tell your friends and family and we'll hook them up too!

Some other info - we're now selling our band t-shirts, you can order them on our website or our myspace! And we've started a twitter account for the band, so make sure to follow us!

Finally, to all of our guys and gals who are away from their families, serving our country during the holidays- just want ya'll to know we're thinking about you and appreciating more than ever all you do for us.

Wishing you all tons of love!
-Corri, Randy, Don, Danny, & Jeff

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Good times at Camp Taji!

We had a super fun time at Camp Taji in Iraq, and someone just posted this video from our show there - it was such a great night! I was so bummed because I had a camera issue the night of this show and I don't have any footage, so this was fun to see! If anyone else has Taji footage let us know, we'd love to have more!

This is us doing Ain't No Road - I pulled one of the guys up and sang to him, he was great, loved him!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

God Bless the USA

Hello all! So, I have been getting a lot of questions about why we chose to go and visit the troops in the Middle East, and so I just wanted to tell you a bit about that.... I have a bunch of family in the military, as does the rest of the band. Both of my grandfathers fought in World War II, my dad's uncle lost an eye in the Battle of Normandy, my dad spent a year in Vietnam, and my dad's brother was in the service as well, my mom's brother is a doctor in the Navy, and my sister is engaged to a Navy man, and that doesn't count the numerous friends of mine, or the family and friends the rest of the band has in the military.... I am always thinking about what it must be like over there, being away from home, in such an uncertain and isolated environment, and myself and the band, we really wanted to find a way to say thank you.... we were thrilled at the chance to go over for the Thanksgiving holiday and say thank you in person. It makes me so emotional just thinking about all these guys sacrifice for us - they are essentially giving up their freedom to protect ours. It is freaking amazing and I cannot even put into words the admiration, respect, and love I feel for these men and women. I will be writing more about what the experience was like and sharing stories, pictures, and video that I took from the trip, but for right now I just want to say to all those we had the honor the meet, and also to those we didn't get to, to all of our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines- thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I also want to give a big thanks to Christine Lakin and Andrew Roy - it was really these two that made this opportunity possible, and we are eternally grateful! The tour flew by and we were not ready to leave - in that desolate, dusty desert, those guys gave us the trip of a lifetime!! We love you!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Party in the USA!

This is a video of one of my favorite moments of the tour. Some guys came to our first show in Baghdad at Camp Stryker and then came back for the second one at Camp Liberty.... our show was at 8pm and they had lawn chairs and near beer out by the time we did our sound check at 4:30! They were so cool, and so when they requested Party in the USA during the show, well, I thought we should make it happen! As a side note, I should mention that there is no alcohol in Iraq, only non-alcoholic beer (well, except for the moonshine I've heard tell of)! So this is a completely sober performance - props to you Gavin, you rocked it!

Good Day for a Long Night at Camp Liberty!

Hey ya'll -I'm going to be posting some videos from the tour, here's the first one, it's from our show at Camp Liberty in Baghdad on the last night!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pictures from Kuwait & Iraq Tour!

Brokedown MWR Tour of Kuwait & Iraq!

I've created an album with some pictures from our tour! I'll be adding a lot more and some videos as well soon!

The Adventures of Socky!

This is SUCH a cool and touching story so we wanted to share it with ya'll! We had the pleasure to meet Lt. Col. James E. Turnbull (Eric) at Camp Stryker, and he had a strange request - for us to take a picture with a tiny little sock!? Well as it turns out, he has a little girl named Faith, and when he traveled over to Iraq, one of her socks ended up with his things. So, he named the sock "Socky," and now he takes it everywhere he goes, takes pictures with it, and sends stories about Daddy and Socky's adventures back home to Faith! How sweet is that! We are excited to report that Brokedown was included in the Thanksgivng edition, so here it is - "Socky's Thanksgiving!" Eric - thank you for sharing this with us, you are a great dad!!

Socky’s Thanksgiving

Once upon a time…in a hot, dusty country far away from the home in Pennsylvania, one of Faith’s socks spent her days hanging on the wall in front of Daddy’s desk in Iraq.

One day Daddy came in with a question for Socky.

“Socky!” said Daddy “Do you know what day it is today?”

“Sure Daddy, it’s Thursday November 26th 2009. I know because there is a calendar on the wall right next to me. Why do you ask?” inquired Socky.

“Well, you’re right about the date. But did you know it’s Thanksgiving Day?” stated Daddy.

“Thanksgiving? What’s that?” asked Socky.

“It’s a day we celebrate to give thanks for all the wonderful things we have in life” said Daddy.

“What are you thankful for Daddy?” asked Socky.

“Well Socky, I’m thankful for Mommy and Faith and also for being from a great country where we live in freedom.”

“I’m thankful too Daddy. I’m thankful to be able to keep you company here in Iraq,” laughed Socky. “So what are we going to do on Thanksgiving Daddy?”

“Well, we’re going to call home, eat a nice dinner, go to a concert, watch some football…”

“A concert!” yelled Socky, “What concert are we going to see? I love concerts.”

“We’re going to see a modern country band called “BrokeDown Cadillac,” said Daddy.

“That’s sounds like fun Daddy. I’m going to start Thanksgiving by calling home” said Socky.

Socky called home and talked with Mommy, Faith and her twin sock Stripey. Afterwards she searched her IPOD for “BrokeDown Cadillac” songs.

Daddy and Socky then got in the Kia van and drove on the bumpy roads around Victory Base. They stopped at Daddy’s room so he could change clothes. On the way they picked up Socky’s good friend Private Picklepants. He was happy that they invited him to Thanksgiving dinner.After Daddy changed clothes, he along with Socky and Private Picklepants walked to the Camp Stryker Dining Hall.

One thing to note is that Iraq is a bit chilly in November and is also muddy because after it rains the water has nowhere to go. They managed not to get too dirty though.

They arrived at the Dining Hall and went to get their Thanksgiving meal. Inside eating dinner with the service men and women were several “Hooters Girls.” They came to Iraq to visit the troops and spend Thanksgiving with them. It was such a nice gesture and everyone appreciated them making the trip.

They could have easily stayed home with their families, but chose instead to come over and bring some holiday cheer and a bit of America with them.

Everyone enjoyed a great Thanksgiving meal and was quite full when they finished eating.

By now it was time to go see the show. Daddy, Socky and Private Picklepants walked over to the concert area and found a great place to stand near the front of the stage. The band “BrokeDown Cadillac” played lots of great songs and the “Hooter’s Girls” danced with the service men. Both the band and the “Hooters Girls” thanked all the troops for their service and told them how proud and thankful everyone in America is for all they are doing over here.

“BrokeDown Cadillac” is a great band” exclaimed Socky “ I really like their music. I must be a “country sock.” she said with a giggle.

When the concert ended, the band and “Hooters Girls” met everyone attending and posed for pictures. They especially liked holding Socky.

Afterwards, Daddy, Socky and Private Picklepants went to watch some football. Since Iraq is eight hours ahead of the East coast, the games didn’t start until late. During half time, Private Picklepants challenged Socky to a pushup contest, but she was tired and wanted to take a nap. Private Picklepants got the hint that it was time to leave, so he thanked Daddy and Socky for such a fun evening and said goodbye.

After Socky woke up from her nap, she and Daddy went to the gym to work off their Thanksgiving dinner. Socky weighed herself on the scale and was happy to see she hadn’t gained any weight. In fact she still didn’t weigh anything.

Daddy and Socky left the gym and talked about all the fun they had on Thanksgiving.

They appreciated “BrokeDown Cadillac” and the “Hooters Girls” coming over to Iraq to spend the holiday with the troops and give them a great show.

“Daddy, I know we couldn’t be home to spend Thanksgiving with Mommy, Faith and Stripey, but I’m thankful for “BrokeDown Cadillac and the “Hooters Girls” who gave up the holiday with their families to be with us. They truly are America’s finest.” exclaimed Socky

“You’re right Socky. We’ll always remember our Thanksgiving in Iraq and how some great Americans made it feel like home.” said Daddy

And with that Daddy and Socky called it a night and the next day went back to work with lots of great memories of Thanksgiving 2009.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Howdy from Iraq!

Hey there everyone! I am finally getting a little internet service so just wanted to say hello and let everyone know what an amazing time we are having over here! We have had the chance to meet so many awesome men and women and I can't wait to share our experience! I only have a minute here cause we are getting ready to play our last show of the tour, but I wanted to post a little tid-bit from the first show. This is a clip I took from the stage at Camp Buehring in Kuwait! And to those of you that we had the honor to meet this week - I cannot thank you enough for the time you shared with us, we are so proud of you and do not have the words to express our gratitude for what you do. We love you!!!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009


Hey guys! So, we are extremely excited and honored for the opportunity to go overseas and visit the troops! I have a ton of family who are veterans or are currently serving in the military, as does the rest of the band, and we are always looking for ways to support the we jumped at the chance to go and perform for them in Iraq over Thanksgiving! We will be joined by 6 Hooters girls, which should be a blast - the guys in the band are certainly excited about those little orange shorts and, ya know, the "hooters." So I have to imagine that the men over there who have barely seen a woman in months will be over the moon! I have to admit I feel a little insecure in that poster - totally surrounded by hottie mamas. I'm thinking I'm gonna need to pack the serious push-up bra..... PS - I got much enjoyment from the fact that one of the girls is named "Sara Hoots" - I cannot wait to meet her and find out if that is her real name - and if it is her real name, did it influence her decision to become a Hooters girl? I need to know these things! A friend of mine was a Hooters girl in college and offered me the use of her old uniform - how funny would that be?? If I actually showed up for the first show in the outfit and just acted totally normal? Hmmm.... Anywho, the girls seem great and we're all super excited. I'll be documenting our trip with my camcorder, so make sure to check back here for updates and scoopage, and, of course, plenty of hooters!

Here's the press release for the tour with some extra info:




Nashville-based country group BROKEDOWN CADILLAC have confirmed plans to perform for the troops during a Thanksgiving week tour of military bases in Iraq. The group—founded in California by singer CORRI ENGLISH and guitarist RANDY DUNHAM—will head overseas this week for the tour, which runs from November 21-30 and they will be joined by a select group of Hooters Girls from around the U.S.

English says, “All of us in the band have close ties to the military, and we're excited and honored for this opportunity. We feel like spending Thanksgiving with our troops, who can't be home with their families, is the best way we can say thank you for all that they do. We hope it is the first of many visits.”

“This outstanding group will have a tremendous impact on the military personnel serving our country,” says David Chavez, President of Pro Sports MVP, the tour’s organizer. “The Hooters Girls and BrokeDown Cadillac are very excited to meet the troops in Iraq, and it will be everyone’s first visit to the region. All of the participants have expressed their passion for our troops overseas and are looking forward to a successful tour and once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

BrokeDown Cadillac: BrokeDown Cadillac is a 5-piece modern country band fronted by Atlanta native Corri English and her partner Randy Dunham. Veterans of stage performance, BrokeDown Cadillac’s live show is electrifying. The band--a tight collection of seasoned players--rarely offer people a chance to sit down with their string of upbeat, original material, commandeering fans to the dance floor. Their self-released debut album Somewhere In America was described by Country Weekly as having an “energetic, instantly likeable sound” (6/22/09). Corri and Randy have written over two dozen songs for this project, five of which have recently been used in the 2009 Disney box office hit film, Race to Witch Mountain, starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. The two, joined by Danny Reuland on drums, Don Ian on lead guitar and Jeff LeGore on bass, were also included in a performance sequence of the movie, playing in a honky-tonk bar. Check them out at:

Pro Sports MVP, a Colorado Springs, Colorado based company, is a full-service sports and entertainment marketing firm which develops and implements corporate marketing programs and provides marketing services for over one thousand of the world’s most recognizable celebrities.

For more information regarding Brokedown Cadillac contact:

MSO 818.380.0400

Todd Brodginski 818.380.0400 x239

Angela Villanueva 818.380.0400 x232

Monday, November 9, 2009

Billboard Hot 100 Examiner Part 2

Check out part 2 here!

Country brings us a Brokedown Cadillac Part 2

I wanted to continue today with yesterday's featured artists, Brokedown Cadillac, mainly because they are awesome and also because the Q&A session below goes beyond country music as a genre. Check it out!

Country artist's don't get a lot of mainstream exposure...what's your plan for Brokedown Cadillac? Where do you see it going?

There are those in country music like Reba, Garth Brooks, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, and Shania who have broken into mainstream quite successfully. Taylor Swift has certainly captured the world's attention. And I believe they all brought something quite interesting to pop radio. All those artists have expertly stayed true to country in their own way, yet still provided plenty of music that your typical pop fan can appreciate and even want to buy. I think Brokedown follows along that tradition of pop country. We have real roots, you're not going to be able to refute that, but all of us come from a variety of tastes that tend toward mainstream music, and in the end, I think a broader spectrum of music fans will want to hear it.

Why country music? Why not another genre?

Randy: No matter what genre of music I've played, I've always found myself listening to country music. My dad raised me on a strict diet of country and western, and even when I was playing in rock bands, I was inevitably tuned to the country station. By the time I started working with Corri, I was so hyped about finally playing country that it just gushed out of me. It felt "right."

Corri: I was born and raised in Atlanta, Ga, so country music was always just music for me. Not really defined, you know. I grew up on it, and when Randy and I started writing, it was just so obvious that we shared a great love of the genre - it came out very naturally in the writing process.

What's been the hardest part about working in the music industry?

In this day and age all of the models are being reshaped. What used to work in the old days, sending in a crappy acoustic demo tape just doesn't cut it. And as the labels seem to be hemorrhaging, the internet is providing a whole new frontier. The down side is that with recording becoming so pervasive with every iMac shipped with Garage Band, there are millions of bands vying for consumers' attention. So what has changed has also stayed the same - a band needs some method for getting into the mainstream's awareness. That is about the most challenging quandary I've experienced to date.

Corri - You have a long list of acting credentials...Why the switch to music? Do you see yourself doing both? What inspired you to do music in the first place? Any musical inspirations? [old school/new school]

I definitely plan on doing both. Even though my acting has been the "real" career thus far, music has always been a huge part of my life, and trust me, anytime I had a break between acting jobs, I was writing and playing music... So it really doesn't even feel like a career switch for me, it just feels like I'm putting more focus on the other side of my career. My dad is definitely my biggest musical influence - he is a musician so I was around music from the time I was born, I literally played with tuning forks when I was a kid, and was on the road with his band while I was growing up. His band played original tunes but also covered the Everly Brother, Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Elvis....I get really nostalgic when I hear "Glory Days" or "I Saw Her Standing There" - those are faves from childhood.

What songs are your favorite to perform/ Why?

Randy: I personally love "Baby's Gonna Start a Fire" because it is a straight up dance song. If we don't see people up dancing, then I measure it as our failure to capture the audience. We have had few shows where no one gets up and starts shaking their ass, but those few where we didn't see that happening, well we knew it was time to step up the game. It's a great barometer.

Corri: I love singing "Scarlett O'Hara." Being from Atlanta, when I read "Gone with the Wind" I fell in love with that character - she is so sassy, I just loved her. And I feel like the song captures that attitude and has a bluesy feel, which is just a lot of fun to dig into during a live show.

How was it working on the set and writing songs for Race to Witch Mountain?

Randy: Working on the set was the best experience of my life. Andy Fickman(the director) let all of our families come on to set, and we got to be little rock stars for a day. Seeing the pride in my mom's eyes practically brings me to tears. It was awesome. As far as writing for the movie, it was just great to see Andy get so excited about the music we were bringing him, and I think at about that time we really needed some enthusiasm because it was still rather new.

Corri: Ditto to what Randy said. Andy Fickman is ridiculously awesome! And to we got to have the most perfect show you could ask for - we had people doing our hair and makeup, a built in crowd who two-stepped to our music, and a track going to we never missed a note! Plus Dwayne Johnson was there so the scenery was nice!

Would you say the movie exposure has increased/changed your fan base?

Absolutely. We were able to expose a lot of folks to our music in a very short period of time, and that exposure has given us many great opportunities- from meeting new fans, to playing really cool shows that we would otherwise not have had the opportunity to play. It's been amazing.

What type of advice would you give aspiring musicians?

Randy: Work hard. Be dedicated. I don't know how anyone can possibly get anywhere musically without those two virtues. Beyond that, try not to hold your breath too long. Sometimes opportunities take a while, but when they come, boy you better be ready to step up to the plate.

Corri: Perseverance is key, not just in music, but in any kind of artistic career. And no matter how tough it gets, you gotta have fun - an audience can feel your energy in your voice, lyrics, stage presence - and if you feel it, they will feel it too, and keep on coming back.

Any concert dates or upcoming shows?

We've been touring Southern California Navy bases over the past 9 months, and we're getting ready to head out on a USO tour, which we are thrilled about. And 2010 will be all about playing the Southeast!

I enjoy listening to Brokedown Cadillac live so here are some more cuts from their album Somewhere in America. [Scarlet O'Hara (Ghost of Dixie) and Love on the Run]. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Billboard Hot 100 Examiner

Thank you to Billboard Hot 100 Examiner Dee Windt for 2 days of great articles! Check out part one here!

Country brings us a Brokedown Cadillac

It doesn't matter how you feel about country music there's always been an artist or song that drew you into it. For me, country music has always been a lyrical twang or western take on R&B. They both talk about relationships, heartbreak, and even faith. All you have to do is listen to the words and I promise you it's not always about a red pick up truck. Their lyrics encompass all cars...even broke down Cadillacs!

Recently I had the opportunity to talk and listen to country's newest band Brokedown Cadillac. You may not be familiar with them by name but you may know lead singer Corri English as an accomplished actress on shows like "CSI Miami" and "Without A Trace" or you may have seen the band itself make a cameo appearance in Disney's remake of "Race to Witch Mountain" of which they contributed five songs to.

If none of these things have jolted your memory then allow me to re-introduce country's newest music sensation Brokedown Cadillac. The group is fronted by seasoned songwriting team Corri English and Randy Dunham. Corri provides the lead vocals with Randy accompanying her in harmony and counter melody. Filling out the band is lead guitarist Don Ian, bassist Jeff Legorge and drummer Danny Reuland. Their self released debut album, Somewhere in America, features eleven songs all written by Corri and Randy exploring themes that are all easily relatable with the perfect blend of swing and country.

"Last Picture Show" shows Corri's range while she delivers some cleverly written lyrics. "Baby's Gonna Start a Fire" makes you want to get up and two step. It's also one of Randy's favorite songs to perform because "it's a straight up dance song. If we don't see people up dancing, then I measure it as our failure to capture the audience." My personal favorite is "Brokedown Cadillac" because its the first song on the album that introduced me to the band. Knowing that they self wrote, produced and promoted their own album made the lyrics even more memorable and sincere.

You can listen to the song "Brokedown Cadillac" below and tell me what you think @billboardcritic.
Also, check back tomorrow for an exclusive one on one interview with Brokedown Cadillac. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wood & Steel Magazine!

We are HUGE fans of Taylor guitars - not only is Bob Taylor my cousin (okay, this isn't really true, but my mom's maiden name is Taylor so it's possible we're distantly related, right??), but they make AMAZING guitars and we'd be happy to never play anything else ever again! We are really excited to be included in the fall issue of Taylor's Magazine - Wood & Steel. Check out the section called "Soundings" for the Brokedown feature! We can only dream of one day having our own "Signature Taylor" like Miss Swift - the lucky duck! We want to give a big thank you to Bob Borbonus at Taylor who has taken such great care of us, and is just a super great dude, and to Bob Taylor for making such badass guitars that sound so purdy!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

America's hottest new country act Brokedown Cadillac returns to LA tonight

Thanks to for such a nice article! See below....

It is not unusual for Hollywood to produce the next hot music star, however this time it has produced a new country music sensation. Brokedown Cadillac is fronted by a seasoned songwriting team of Corri English and Randy Dunham.
English has been around music her entire life. The daughter of a musician English was able to hone her talent into the masterpiece it is today.
I was on the road with my dad's band from the time I was like 6 weeks old and grew up playing with tuning forks. So I think when you're around it that long, it just comes natural," recalls English.
Brokedown Cadillac is taking things slowly, self producing their own album and doing much of their own promotion, making sure that they make the right decisions along the way.
"If you pick the wrong deal you can end up getting nowhere fast," English explains. "There was a time when labels would take on a new artist and do development and give it time to get out there and give the audience time to respond. "
Self producing your own music isn't all bad; it allows an artist to form their own destiny.
"People have such a slick product before the time it gets in the hands of the executives. Independent artists can do a lot on their own now. It allows you to hold on to creative control, the more you do yourself," English point out.
The band self-released their debut album "Somewhere in America" in March. Shortly thereafter they were featured in a major motion picture. Performing as a bar band in the Disney movie Race to Witch Mountain which allowed them to have two songs on the digital soundtrack.
The band is starting to pick-up steam and that suits English and Dunham just fine.
"We wanted to take things kind of slow, so we can do it right and we couldn't be happier with the way things have gone so far," English mentions.
The band spent the summer in Nashville writing new material and meeting with different agents, but is back in Los Angeles and ready to rock. Thursday night marks the bands return to Los Angeles as they take place in the McCarthur Park Concert series at Levitt Pavillion.
For more information on the Levitt Pavillion visit For information on Brokedown Cadillac visit or

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

MacArthur Park Summer Concert Series!

So.....we've been in Nashville all summer, and now we're headed back to LA with a big ole show coming up! We'll be playing a night of the Levitt Paviion MacArthur Park Summer Concert Series! It's an outdoor ampitheater with lawn style seating, so bring your picnic baskets and blankets - it'll be the perfect way to spend a summer evening! Invite your friends and bring the kiddos, it'll be tons of fun and we're super excited.....

Here are the deets:

Day: Thursday, September 10th
Time: 7-9pm
Price: FREE! YAY!
Location: Levitt Pavilion MacArthur Park
2230 West 6th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90057
Park Office: 213-384-5701

Here is some info from the website:

Welcome to the Friends of the Levitt Pavilion MacArthur Park!

The 2009 Summer Concert Season provides a magical experience through an array of amazing performances! Professional musicians and performing artists embody and express a rich diversity in music and dance. The open lawn forms a natural amphitheater with an inviting and relaxed atmosphere. Bring a picnic basket, relax in a lawn chair, stretch out on a blanket or dance under the stars!

Over 34,000 people attended the 2008 summer concert season at MacArthur Park. We invite you to come and experience the magic this summer!

2009 Summer Concert Season
Wednesday, July 8th - Sunday, September 13th

FREE admission to all 50 concerts
Five evening concerts weekly, Wednesdays through Sundays
Wednesdays through Saturday concerts begin at 7:30 pm
Sunday concerts begin at 6:30 pm
Family friendly concerts throughout the season
Acclaimed professional musicians and diverse performing artists
A safe, well-run community gathering place

Friday, August 14, 2009


Who ever thought it would be cool to "tweet?" It's very strange isn't it? The last time I thought that was cool was when I was in elementary school and I started a club named "The Chicks" - it was inspired by a small toy chick I got for Easter who lived in my pencil box (am I dating myself here?) at school. The "chick" was our mascot and you could only peek inside the box at him if you were a member. It was a very exclusive club, very fancy. Very cool. Uh-huh. But anyway - back to twitter.....I admit, I was reluctant at first. I already felt overwhelmed trying to keep up with 2 myspace accounts, a couple of different facebooks pages, website, blog, and about 75 different email accounts......but, I started getting the question "do you tweet?" quite a bit - so I figured it was time. I joined a couple of months ago, so come on over and follow me. Okay, that is weird too - follow me? Very stalker-ish. But anywho, click here. I can't say that I am great about updates. I get very self concious. I start to write an update and then think - who actually cares that I am buying some toothpase or grabbing my second Starbucks of the day, and then erase what I've written....but I have vowed to get better, cause somebody might want to know that the Tom's toothpaste in spearmint is way less gross than the peppermint. Or that an iced tea with half green/half passion tea rocks, and has many health benefits to boot! So, there ya go.

Ultimate Ears!

We love our in-ear monitors, and Ultimate Ears is the bomb! They've chosen us as this week's artist to watch!

We can’t help ourselves – we are music fanatics. We are constantly being exposed to new sounds from around the world. Our jobs literally revolve around seeing live music and meeting up with killer emerging acts. We are surrounded by honey-glazed pipes, wailing guitars, pounding beats, simply stunning talent.

And we want to share this with as many people as possible – that’s the point of great music, right? So we built an Artist to Watch section to turn you on to some of the treats that we run across during the natural course of business. Some of these bands are unsigned, some are on the majors, some tour internationally, most are even clients (although it’s not a prerequisite.) Email us if you know a band that is on the ups.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cybill on the Today show talking about Mrs. Washington!

The AJC!

I had a chance to do an interview with my hometown paper the Atlanta Journal Constitution!

Parkview high school grad Corri English spars with Cybill Shepherd in new Hallmark film
5:48 pm July 31, 2009, by Rodney Ho

Corri English was already a minor acting star at Parkview High School when she attended the school in the 1990s. She had two shows on TBS: “Kidsbeat,” a news break during the morning cartoons, and “Feed Your Mind,” in which she travelled the world.

And like many actresses, she said she was “kind of shy” in high school.

“I moved there and all these little cliques had already formed,” she said Friday to promote her new Hallmark film Saturday at 9 p.m. starring Cybill Shepherd called “Mrs. Washington Goes to Smith.” “They nicknamed me ‘Kidsbeat.’ I was totally embarrassed by that!”

She said she recalled how much angst she had between doing TV and, say, cheerleading practice. “Now it seems like a no brainer," she mused. "Gotta scoot out of cheerleading!"

English, a University of Georgia grad, is one of those working actresses just trying to make an impression. Since moving to Los Angeles six years ago, she’s nabbed guest roles on “Joan of Arcadia,” “Without a Trace,” ‘CSI: Miami” and in her first regular gig, as a college student on the quickly forgotten WB series starring Matthew Modine called “Bedford Diaries.”

The twist of the show was that Modine was teaching a sex class and required the class to tape video confessionals about their sex lives. But as English admitted, the show was hamstrung by network queasiness about being “too” sexy. The show by its nature, she said, “was supposed to be edgy but in that environment, they cut a lot of scenes, which made some stories seem disjointed.” It lasted just eight episodes in 2006.

I had to ask her about what it was like working with Shepherd, who has a been known to have a bit of a diva complex when she was on “Moonlighting” and her own self-titled sitcom.

“There was a point I was teasing her of being spoiled,” English said. “She said, ‘Oh, honey. You should have seen me a couple of decades ago!’ She definitely makes light of her reputation. The great thing is she is who she is. She’s very self deprecating. She’ll be the first to tell you her flaws.”

Shepherd, during down time, was busy on the phone. “She was working deals left and right!” English said. “She’s really embracing the opportunities coming her way.”

Shepherd in the film plays a divorced woman with empty nest syndrome who decides to finish college and live in the dorms. She is joined by English’s rebellious, bitter character, who has her own mommy issues. Like a lot of these “Odd Couple” films, the two first clash, eventually become friends.

English is also a country musician who actually worked with Sugarland, Atlanta’s hot duo back when they were a trio. She even co-wrote a song on the band’s first album.

During the writers’ strike last year, she worked as lead vocalist in a band called Brokedown Cadillac with local Atlanta producer Jan Smith to create an EP. Several songs ended up in the film “Race to Witch Mountain” starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

So she’s now of split minds. So she now does acting in Los Angeles and has bought a residence in Nashville as well.

“I’m in a transitional phase,” she said. “The music is becoming a bigger priority in my career. It’s something I’ve always wanted… I’m really embracing what’s happening. I’m in Nashville right now spending the summer setting up a home base there.”

Friday, July 31, 2009

Last Picture Show!

The Arizona Reporter!

'Last Picture Show' connects stars
Some things are just meant to be.

Actress Corri English moonlights as the lead singer of an alt-country band called BrokeDown Cadillac. The group's debut album, "Somewhere in America," was issued this year.

English, 31, landed a role in a Hallmark Channel film starring Cybill Shepherd, who made her film debut in 1971's "The Last Picture Show," taken from Larry McMurtry's book.

Now for the "meant to be" part: Her band does a song called "Last Picture Show."

"It was the strangest connection," English says. "I had read the book but never seen the movie. When I found out I was working with her (Shepherd), I had to see the movie. Then I found out she was big buddies with Larry McMurtry, and I love him. So it was kind of a neat thing."

"Mrs. Washington Goes to Smith" is the project that brought English and Shepherd together. The movie is about Alice Washington (Shepherd), a divorcee who returns to college as part of a program designed to help women re-enter school. English plays Zoe, a moody 20-year-old who winds up as Alice's roommate.

The chemistry between the two is one of the highlights of the film. English says the camaraderie extended off-camera as well.

"We talked about music a lot," she says. "We would always be singing together and goofing off. She's been a singer her entire life and it's kind of the same for me, so we had that in common."

In fact, much of English's time seems to be spent juggling the two careers. She lives in Los Angeles but is planning to relocate to Nashville. BrokeDown Cadillac is getting ready to tour. And the group appeared on-screen in this year's "Race to Witch Mountain."

"I've had some luck with music lately, so I'm having to prioritize it more," she says. "Music has always been what I've done in my spare time, but when the writers' strike happened, I took the opportunity to record the album and things just fell into place. Acting used to be the priority, but now music is like a real career."

She has had more than luck. Along with Kristian Bush and Kristen Hall, she wrote "Fly Away," which was featured on Sugarland's mega-successful album "Twice the Speed of Life."

English is chatty and open, so it brought up the question: Does a songwriting credit on a triple-platinum album mean you can essentially take a vacation for the next few years?

"Well, royalties have to do with it being on the album and then there's a lyric percentage, and it's all really crazy," she says with a laugh. "They break it down into pennies. If it was a single, it could have paid off a mortgage. As an album cut, it's a really nice bonus."