Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nashville and Naked People!

So - I've been posting a lot of press updates and that sort of thing, so I figured I would take a minute to post about what we've been up to! Randy and I are spending the summer in Nashville and loving it. I had forgetten how great southern hospitality is! People are so outgoing here! Not that folks in LA aren't nice, but when I first moved to Cali people gave me an odd look when I would walk up and say hey for no good reason. Here it is the norm! When you put on a blinker, cars let you over instead of speeding up. What???? This is going to take some getting used to! The weather here has been really mild for a southern summer, and I love it - but Randy is definitely having a tougher time adjusting. He's like - um, why are there clouds in the sky? Um....only socal has clear blue skies and warm weather all year man, sorry. And, as a bonus, there are no earthquakes, mudslides, or smog clouds here - maybe an occasional tornado, but I love The Wizard of Oz so I can deal.

I wanted to share a Nashville tidbit that made me want to roll around on the floor when I heard it, it just completely cracks me up. So, there is this roundabout right in the center of town near Music's pretty much the epicenter of Nashville. A few years back, as a lot of development was going on in this area, a privately funded sculpture was unveiled in the center of the roundabout. The sculpture had been covered by a big ole green tarp and there was all kinds of curiosity about what was under there. About 2000 people turned up for the unveiling, and while Nashville is a pretty hip place, it is still the south, and the majority are pretty conservative christian folk.......When the tarp was removed - low and behold - there stood 5 naked women and four naked men- each 16 feet tall (which would make for some large genitalia, right? I'm just saying....), sort of frolicking around in a circle. The statue, called "Musica" was supposed the convey "the sense of joy and exuberance that music gives us." Supposedly, the point of the nakedness was to make the music timeless, and not "date" the statue. Hmm. I love music, and I don't mind naked people, but even I have to say that is a bit of stretch! Anywho - jaws dropped and comments like this abounded: "This isn't about music.... I cannot recall one instance of people celebrating the sounds of music AND displaying their most private parts at the same." HA!!!!!!!!!! I just love that. When I heard the story, it just sounded like it was straight out of a mockumentary. So - that's all I got for now. More on Nashville later......

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