Friday, August 14, 2009


Who ever thought it would be cool to "tweet?" It's very strange isn't it? The last time I thought that was cool was when I was in elementary school and I started a club named "The Chicks" - it was inspired by a small toy chick I got for Easter who lived in my pencil box (am I dating myself here?) at school. The "chick" was our mascot and you could only peek inside the box at him if you were a member. It was a very exclusive club, very fancy. Very cool. Uh-huh. But anyway - back to twitter.....I admit, I was reluctant at first. I already felt overwhelmed trying to keep up with 2 myspace accounts, a couple of different facebooks pages, website, blog, and about 75 different email accounts......but, I started getting the question "do you tweet?" quite a bit - so I figured it was time. I joined a couple of months ago, so come on over and follow me. Okay, that is weird too - follow me? Very stalker-ish. But anywho, click here. I can't say that I am great about updates. I get very self concious. I start to write an update and then think - who actually cares that I am buying some toothpase or grabbing my second Starbucks of the day, and then erase what I've written....but I have vowed to get better, cause somebody might want to know that the Tom's toothpaste in spearmint is way less gross than the peppermint. Or that an iced tea with half green/half passion tea rocks, and has many health benefits to boot! So, there ya go.

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