Wednesday, November 4, 2009

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Country brings us a Brokedown Cadillac

It doesn't matter how you feel about country music there's always been an artist or song that drew you into it. For me, country music has always been a lyrical twang or western take on R&B. They both talk about relationships, heartbreak, and even faith. All you have to do is listen to the words and I promise you it's not always about a red pick up truck. Their lyrics encompass all cars...even broke down Cadillacs!

Recently I had the opportunity to talk and listen to country's newest band Brokedown Cadillac. You may not be familiar with them by name but you may know lead singer Corri English as an accomplished actress on shows like "CSI Miami" and "Without A Trace" or you may have seen the band itself make a cameo appearance in Disney's remake of "Race to Witch Mountain" of which they contributed five songs to.

If none of these things have jolted your memory then allow me to re-introduce country's newest music sensation Brokedown Cadillac. The group is fronted by seasoned songwriting team Corri English and Randy Dunham. Corri provides the lead vocals with Randy accompanying her in harmony and counter melody. Filling out the band is lead guitarist Don Ian, bassist Jeff Legorge and drummer Danny Reuland. Their self released debut album, Somewhere in America, features eleven songs all written by Corri and Randy exploring themes that are all easily relatable with the perfect blend of swing and country.

"Last Picture Show" shows Corri's range while she delivers some cleverly written lyrics. "Baby's Gonna Start a Fire" makes you want to get up and two step. It's also one of Randy's favorite songs to perform because "it's a straight up dance song. If we don't see people up dancing, then I measure it as our failure to capture the audience." My personal favorite is "Brokedown Cadillac" because its the first song on the album that introduced me to the band. Knowing that they self wrote, produced and promoted their own album made the lyrics even more memorable and sincere.

You can listen to the song "Brokedown Cadillac" below and tell me what you think @billboardcritic.
Also, check back tomorrow for an exclusive one on one interview with Brokedown Cadillac. Enjoy!

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