Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Adventures of Socky!

This is SUCH a cool and touching story so we wanted to share it with ya'll! We had the pleasure to meet Lt. Col. James E. Turnbull (Eric) at Camp Stryker, and he had a strange request - for us to take a picture with a tiny little sock!? Well as it turns out, he has a little girl named Faith, and when he traveled over to Iraq, one of her socks ended up with his things. So, he named the sock "Socky," and now he takes it everywhere he goes, takes pictures with it, and sends stories about Daddy and Socky's adventures back home to Faith! How sweet is that! We are excited to report that Brokedown was included in the Thanksgivng edition, so here it is - "Socky's Thanksgiving!" Eric - thank you for sharing this with us, you are a great dad!!

Socky’s Thanksgiving

Once upon a time…in a hot, dusty country far away from the home in Pennsylvania, one of Faith’s socks spent her days hanging on the wall in front of Daddy’s desk in Iraq.

One day Daddy came in with a question for Socky.

“Socky!” said Daddy “Do you know what day it is today?”

“Sure Daddy, it’s Thursday November 26th 2009. I know because there is a calendar on the wall right next to me. Why do you ask?” inquired Socky.

“Well, you’re right about the date. But did you know it’s Thanksgiving Day?” stated Daddy.

“Thanksgiving? What’s that?” asked Socky.

“It’s a day we celebrate to give thanks for all the wonderful things we have in life” said Daddy.

“What are you thankful for Daddy?” asked Socky.

“Well Socky, I’m thankful for Mommy and Faith and also for being from a great country where we live in freedom.”

“I’m thankful too Daddy. I’m thankful to be able to keep you company here in Iraq,” laughed Socky. “So what are we going to do on Thanksgiving Daddy?”

“Well, we’re going to call home, eat a nice dinner, go to a concert, watch some football…”

“A concert!” yelled Socky, “What concert are we going to see? I love concerts.”

“We’re going to see a modern country band called “BrokeDown Cadillac,” said Daddy.

“That’s sounds like fun Daddy. I’m going to start Thanksgiving by calling home” said Socky.

Socky called home and talked with Mommy, Faith and her twin sock Stripey. Afterwards she searched her IPOD for “BrokeDown Cadillac” songs.

Daddy and Socky then got in the Kia van and drove on the bumpy roads around Victory Base. They stopped at Daddy’s room so he could change clothes. On the way they picked up Socky’s good friend Private Picklepants. He was happy that they invited him to Thanksgiving dinner.After Daddy changed clothes, he along with Socky and Private Picklepants walked to the Camp Stryker Dining Hall.

One thing to note is that Iraq is a bit chilly in November and is also muddy because after it rains the water has nowhere to go. They managed not to get too dirty though.

They arrived at the Dining Hall and went to get their Thanksgiving meal. Inside eating dinner with the service men and women were several “Hooters Girls.” They came to Iraq to visit the troops and spend Thanksgiving with them. It was such a nice gesture and everyone appreciated them making the trip.

They could have easily stayed home with their families, but chose instead to come over and bring some holiday cheer and a bit of America with them.

Everyone enjoyed a great Thanksgiving meal and was quite full when they finished eating.

By now it was time to go see the show. Daddy, Socky and Private Picklepants walked over to the concert area and found a great place to stand near the front of the stage. The band “BrokeDown Cadillac” played lots of great songs and the “Hooter’s Girls” danced with the service men. Both the band and the “Hooters Girls” thanked all the troops for their service and told them how proud and thankful everyone in America is for all they are doing over here.

“BrokeDown Cadillac” is a great band” exclaimed Socky “ I really like their music. I must be a “country sock.” she said with a giggle.

When the concert ended, the band and “Hooters Girls” met everyone attending and posed for pictures. They especially liked holding Socky.

Afterwards, Daddy, Socky and Private Picklepants went to watch some football. Since Iraq is eight hours ahead of the East coast, the games didn’t start until late. During half time, Private Picklepants challenged Socky to a pushup contest, but she was tired and wanted to take a nap. Private Picklepants got the hint that it was time to leave, so he thanked Daddy and Socky for such a fun evening and said goodbye.

After Socky woke up from her nap, she and Daddy went to the gym to work off their Thanksgiving dinner. Socky weighed herself on the scale and was happy to see she hadn’t gained any weight. In fact she still didn’t weigh anything.

Daddy and Socky left the gym and talked about all the fun they had on Thanksgiving.

They appreciated “BrokeDown Cadillac” and the “Hooters Girls” coming over to Iraq to spend the holiday with the troops and give them a great show.

“Daddy, I know we couldn’t be home to spend Thanksgiving with Mommy, Faith and Stripey, but I’m thankful for “BrokeDown Cadillac and the “Hooters Girls” who gave up the holiday with their families to be with us. They truly are America’s finest.” exclaimed Socky

“You’re right Socky. We’ll always remember our Thanksgiving in Iraq and how some great Americans made it feel like home.” said Daddy

And with that Daddy and Socky called it a night and the next day went back to work with lots of great memories of Thanksgiving 2009.



  1. Such a sweet and clever story!

  2. awwwww, I got tears in my eyes.

  3. Vicki said...

    This is such a sweet Story, I have tears in my eys too! Love you Guys.