Thursday, April 8, 2010

Time to start packing, Brokedown's heading back to Iraq!

Hey guys!  So, as many of you know, we spent last Thanksgiving over in Kuwait Iraq performing for the troops, and we are BEYOND thrilled and honored to have been invited back this April!  We felt like the last trip flew by so quickly, so we jumped at the invitation to go again.  We'll be heading over for a 10-day tour, and have been busy writing some new stuff and working hard to get a great show together for all the guys and gals over there.  
We'll be reuniting with the Hooters girls again, so I'm sure all the boys will be psyched about that! I've been practicing the pose (see above photo).....actually, even Randy's been working on it - I think he's ready, what do you think?

And Danny has been practicing looking like he has a tiny head. It's an important skill.  
The only thing I'm dreading is packing.... I'm a horrible packer! I am so meticulous about rolling things up into teeny tiny space saving bundles....sounds great in theory, but once you take things out the first time, they just never go back in.  Every time I swear I will not overpack, but you should see the stack of stuff that I am expecting to go into one's like the clown car, but, ya know, the duffel bag version..... Ugh.  Can someone just come over and pack for me? Any takers? 
Anywho, we are SO excited to see the badassness of our troops in action again!  
And for all you guys and gals over there working your booties off in the desert - get ready to shake your stuff, we're gonna have some fun!  Can't wait to see you!  xoxoxo


  1. I would love to come pack for you.

  2. Packing is one of my few specialties.....wish I could come proud of you and Brokedown Cadillac's willingness to serve those who serve! Barbara Roy