Friday, April 16, 2010

A song for Sister!

So, as many of you know my little, er "younger" (she never liked being called little, and, okay, she is taller than me....) sister got married this past February to an awesome guy, and they had a truly kickass wedding!  I was the maid of honor, and I express myself best through song, so I wrote a little diddy for my toast.... A bunch of folks who were there requested that we post it on Youtube, and my dad just sent over the footage, so here it is!  I've included a pic of the happy couple. I know, I looks like a photo from the cover of a wedding magazine - that is the work of my amazingly talented friend Inda Reid, who did all the pics.  Plus the bride and groom ain't bad to look at!  So, I am dedicating this blog entry to Sister and Brother..... I love you both to pieces and then some.


  1. Many Congrats to your Sister Katie and to you and your growing family.

  2. Amazing. The end brings me to tears every time. Katie & Andrew are so picture perfect that they ARE living Disney Characters in a fairytale. I wish you unconditionallove and happiness in your new life together.
    xoxox inda